Cooling, Heating, and Cleaning the Air Your Breathe

Hire a professional repairman from Al-Mighty Airmax & More LLC in Chandler, AZ to work on your property’s HVAC system. We are here to handle your repair and installation needs, from cleaning ducts and vents, to fixing heaters and cooling systems.

Installation Services 

If your HVAC system has been in your home or office for years and is constantly having repairs made, it’s about time to replace it with a more efficient model. Don’t wait until the system completely malfunctions. Call us and we’ll be there in a breeze. We’ll take out your faulty HVAC system and install a newer model in its place.

Repair and Maintenance

Most of the time, dust travels through your vent and air duct systems. That is why it is important to pay attention to them. Air ducts should be cleaned at all times to improve your indoor air quality and to avoid contaminants and pollutants.

Apart from the maintenance of air ducts and vents, we work on hot water heaters to make sure that they function perfectly during cold weather. We also check your heating and cooling system for possible defects that may affect the airflow in your home or commercial establishment. This is also to ensure that you won’t have to endure either hot or cold spells in certain rooms.